"Building Your Visions in Concrete"

       U&O Company Limited was founded in 1995 by Dr. Panom Sehabutrin a joint venture between a Thai and a Dutch precast concrete construction company. From the beginning, U&O Co. LTD followed a innovative concept to serve its clients from the planning and designing stages onwards, constructing with the newest and most advanced technologies, and providing excellent follow-up and maintenance services. Paired with highly trained and experienced employees the success of U&O Co. LTD was inevitable. U&O Co. LTD soon became one of the most trusted companies in the Thai construction sector. Unsurprisingly, the company experienced enormous growth and started handling its first major projects in the Thai infrastructure sector. 

    The private sector, as well as the public, soon recognized the continual outstanding performance of the delivery of high quality products with a precise and punctual basis. This reliability would soon be rewarded with further contracts, including project participation in major roads, bridges, factories and railway projects.  

    U&O Co. LTD successfully implemented a wide range of services and its portfolio enlarged, including improved casting, molding and transportation procedures. Projects of national and international organizations have been supported by U&O Co. LTD’s advanced technology. National state authorities, such as the Royal Thai Government, the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority of Thailand, the Department of Highways, and the Ministry of Science and Environment have with us on important projects 

   Within a short period of time U&O has become a renowned name with its unique ability to offer flexible and customized concrete precast products designed for small and large-scale projects. Over the years, U&O has collaborated with well established companies, such as Sino-Thai, Unique, Obayashi and Bilfinger Berger, just to name a few. 

    Today we can proudly look at a success story in which we contributed to this country with over 300 projects. We would like to thank our clients for the continued trust we have received over the last two decades and look forward to working with you in the future, so that we can grow together along with this beautiful country.